Monthly Archives: February 2012

A beginners guide to building a credit history

Why do you need to build a credit history? Banks don’t just give loans out to anyone who asks for them. They have a number of factors they can look at to determine if you’re trustworthy enough to extend a line of credit. Credit score is the big one. Your credit score is the figureread more

The art and science of buying in bulk

Buying in bulk is an essential skill of the frugal mindset. In many cases, bulk discounts are a great way to save money on everyday items and other disposable purchases. But it can also become a consumer trap. A trick that gets you to buy more of something you didn’t need, causes you to consumeread more

Top 10 US Cities for Average Credit Card Debt

As you can see in the graph below, the average credit card debt per person in the United States can get quite high. The graph shows the 10 cities in the US with the highest average amount of credit card debt per person. The average debt in the US is into the thousands as well,read more

10 best tips for eating healthy on a budget

How is your new year’s resolution going? If you’re like me, you’re about a month in and realizing how expensive eating healthy can be. So now you’re trying to find some ways to keep it going without spending $50/week (or more) on fresh veggies alone. So in looking up some ideas to keep my promiseread more

How to pay cash for every car you buy for the rest of your life!

Car ownership isn’t an investment, it’s a cost. With few exceptions, cars generally depreciate in value at a rate of about 15%-20% per year. So in financial terms, your return on investment is always going to be negative. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need (or shouldn’t have) a car. It’s just that the financialread more