Monthly Archives: January 2012

Top 10 Tips to Protect Your Privacy Online

We lock our doors and close our curtains in order to protect our privacy. Unfortunately, however, when we sit down at the computer, we often expose ourselves to those who want to invade our privacy. Our activities online are easily monitored at work and at home, and if we are not careful, we can giveread more

10 golden rules for personal finances

Just about every personal finance adviser/writer/blogger has their own “golden rules” or “rules of thumb” that they preach and live by in manners of personal finances. Just do a quick Google search. You’ll find tons of articles on the subject, and each one has it’s own unique set of rules. But in doing some research,read more

Getting the best value from College

It’s that time of year. High school seniors are getting college acceptance letters and are already starting to think about where they will be going to school next year. College seniors are thinking about their next step as well: Employment or more school? Decisions… decisions. A little while ago, we did an article breaking downread more

Things to Consider Before Buying a Home

Buying a home is a big investment and a big milestone in a persons life, but there are many things that must be considered before doing so. The very fist thing you want to do is spend some time saving up money for a down payment, there are ways to work around a down paymentread more

12 things that will cost less in 2012, but you still shouldn’t buy

There was a recent article on msn money by a guest poster from Dealnews called: 12 things that will cost less in 2012. It was a fantastic article highlighting why this year the following 12 items will probably either fall in price or remain low for consumers. It is refreshingly specific and more than likelyread more