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10 Frugal Resolution articles for the new year

Every year around this time, we reflect back and think of some ways to improve ourselves. New year’s resolutions, we call them. And in this tough time, many families are finding it difficult to make ends meet, which means a large part of the focus will be on being better with money. But because (everyread more

I haven’t started shopping yet… (a Christmas poem)

In case you’re having trouble viewing the above image: I haven’t started shopping yet, But don’t you worry, I did not forget. Three days to go, not a present bought, My plan is sound, know this you ought. I have a list for family and friends, I have a budget of which has ends. Iread more

23 things Americans willingly spend too much money on

The U.S. is a place of over indulgence.  Our waste is only overshadowed by our consumption.  That’s capitalism for you… But now that we’re in the middle of a huge recession, there’s not a whole lot of money left for the “extras” anymore.  Frugality has become a necessity for many families and individuals and they’reread more

Buying vs. Renting in the current recession

In a recession caused (in large part) by the bursting of a housing bubble, many people are left wondering: is right now a good time to buy a home or does it make more sense to rent? A recent article by the Wall Street Journal reported that 1/3 of metro housing markets in a Zilloread more