Monthly Archives: November 2011

15 Sites Where You Can Save Money Christmas Shopping

Everyone wants to save money when they are doing their holiday shopping, and many stores both offline and online have amazing deals when you take the time to look. There are many sites on the web that share coupons, deals, and other special offers from all over the web and these types of sites canread more

Avoiding Credit Card Debt During the Holidays

Everyone knows that credit card debt is a huge problem around the world, just in the US alone credit card debt affects so many. In most cases the credit card debt is because of irresponsible credit card use, but sometimes it is because so many people are using their credit cards just to help makeread more

Top 10 Things You Should Never Buy New

Shiny new toys are always nice to have, even as an adult. While those nifty new items might feel good, they are not always a wise choice. When it comes to new versus used, the following ten items are things you should always buy used, when feasible. You won’t give up value, but you willread more

A Guide to Maximizing Holiday Credit Card Offers

The holiday shopping season is rapidly approaching.  And if you have the discipline to do it right, it can actually pay to use credit cards for your purchases. Rewards and special offers give real incentives for using your card (sometimes just for signing up!) And even though these perks are available year round, if thereread more

15 Blog Posts to Assist in Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home can be a stressful time, both financially and mentally. If you seek out advice on buying your first home it can save a lot of headaches since you will have an idea of what to expect. The process takes a while, especially if you count the time you spend searching forread more