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How Children Can Impact Your Tax Situation

How Children Impact Parents’ Tax Situations Children have tremendous tax implications for parents. Typically, the implications are favorable for the parent, as conditions associated with having children qualify the parents for certain exemptions and tax credits. This is a good thing, considering how expensive raising a child can be for parents. From diapers to diploma,read more

Life lessons from the 99%

This article contains no political message. I do not care if you are right-leaning, left-leaning, or a centrist; nor do I care if you support the messages of OWS or oppose them. This is a lesson in taking personal responsibility for your own finances. This is a reminder that you (and you alone) are inread more

Preparing To Fill Out A Mortgage Application

Preparing To Fill Out A Mortgage Application Applying for a mortgage can be a process unlike anything you have ever undertaken in your life. If you are a young couple looking to purchase your first home, then you will want to set several days aside to accumulate all of the information a lender will needread more

20 blog posts to get you on the path to frugality

Being Frugal isn’t just a mindset, it’s a lifestyle. There are literally hundreds of tips and tricks that can help individuals and families save money. But for some, even though they know HOW to save money, they just can’t seem to turn it into a habit. For those people, we’ve put together a list ofread more

Responsible borrowing: Bad debt vs. Good debt

Having debt isn’t always such a bad thing. If you could pay cash for your college education, a house, and a car, you probably would. Unfortunately, most of us simply can’t afford to do that. If we want these things we’ll need to borrow money, which means debt. But having debt doesn’t mean that you’reread more