Monthly Archives: September 2011

5 best Android apps for managing your money

Pageonce – Money & Bills Pageonce is, in our opinion, the best android app for managing your finances. It’s a fully featured, powerful, and elegant all-in-one personal finance tool. Not only does it have the ability to integrate with just about any of your online bank accounts, but also your online bills, credit cards, andread more

15 Blog Posts with Tips for Building Credit

Credit ratings can be a difficult thing to understand and many people don’t bother taking the time to learn about how it works. Everyone knows that having bad credit can cause many problems if you want to buy a home, or a new car, or just to get a credit card in case it isread more

5 Celebrities with Debt Troubles

Most celebrities make a lot of money during their careers, many of them manage it well but there are also plenty of celebrities that blew through their money as fast as they made it. Over the years we have all heard stories of celebrities filing for bankruptcy and losing their million dollar homes and otherread more

Teaching Kids about money

Teaching children about money from an early age is important for a number of obvious reasons. It helps young people people understand how finances work, what options and tools are available to help, and why it’s important to manage their money. Perhaps most importantly, however, is the ability money has to teach a certain levelread more