Monthly Archives: July 2011

If the U.S. Debt was the average family’s credit card debt

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard or read something recently about our nation’s impending debt problem. In the next few days, our elected officials will decide whether to extend the debt limit, default on our payments, or balance the budget. While it seems that most people agree that the first tworead more

Understanding Your Credit Report

Written By: Stella Walker So you’ve received a free credit report and now you’re doing your best to understand what exactly it’s all about. You’re looking through the report, maybe you’re a little confused or excited, and you have plenty of questions running through your head: How did they calculate your score? What goes intoread more

The 20 best places to find credit card advice online

Written By: Stella Walker A credit card can be an extremely useful thing to have in your wallet. You never know when you might need to use one; and If you know how, it can even pay to use credit cards for purchases. But while credit cards have their uses, if you’re not careful, theyread more

Minimizing Student Loan Debt After College

Written By: Stella Walker While you might be aware of the challenges presented by student loan debt after college, it’s difficult to truly grasp how it will affect your life until you live it. Those monthly payments going to Sallie Mae, ACS, or Wells Fargo can put a big dent in your savings, and disruptread more