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Understanding The Difference Between A Hard And Soft Credit Report Pull

Understanding hard pulls and soft pulls

As most consumers know, every time a person applies for new credit, one of his or her credit reports is pulled from one of the three national credit reporting bureaus that maintain our credit reports. TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax maintain most Americans’ credit reports in their proprietary systems and routinely update borrowing information depending onread more

Secured Debt vs. Unsecured Debt

One of the most important distinctions to understand in personal finances is the difference between secured debt and unsecured debt. Whether or not your debt is secured can make a big difference in how you proceed in a number of different financial situations. Secured Debt Secured debt is debt that uses some asset as more

Which Bills Should You Pay During A Financial Crisis

Circle the wagons in times of financial crisis

If you are facing money problems, you may not be able to pay all of your bills in a given month. But, how do you pick and choose who gets paid? Far too many people wind up staying current on their credit card bills but wonder why they are getting evicted from their homes. Thisread more

Your Insurance Company Wants to Know Your Credit Score

One of the things I notice when I look over my auto insurance policy papers is that there is a little discount in there for my credit score. Since I have good credit, my insurance premium is a little lower than it might otherwise be. If my credit score were to drop, though, I wouldread more

Nasty Student Loan Collection Actions That Can Happen If You Default

Many students and their parents do not realize the incredible reach the government and student loan lenders can have if they do not repay their loans. If you skip student loan payments or default, you can find yourself in serious financial trouble. Many people do not realize that you cannot wipe away student loan debtread more