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What Would $1 Trillion Buy?

I can remember when I was growing up that $1 billion dollars was almost unfathomable. And, I cannot even remember someone mentioning the term trillion. You might was well have said a zillion. But, now a trillion dollars in our children’s new billion. A million dollars is nothing, and a billion dollars is not farread more

46 Articles About DIY Credit Repair Tips

If your credit numbers are less than perfect, there are a number of things that you can consider. There are a variety of ways that you can improve your credit by yourself, without having to resort to assistance from expensive credit repair agencies. If you are looking for a DIY credit repair solution, the tipsread more

47 Blogs with Tips on How to Recover Your Credit After Repossession

When you lose a vehicle to repossession, you may be deathly afraid of the ramifications. After all, repossession only occurs after you default on a loan. This means that your credit is surely being impacted as a result. Can you repair your credit after you experience repossession? Of course you can, but there are someread more

45 Posts on Buy Here, Pay Here and Rent to Own Pros and Cons

In the current economic conditions many people are choosing the rent-to-own options or buy here pay here. The controversy is whether or not this is truly a better option. Some say you pay much more for this type of service than you would if you saved your money and bought the item. Others say theyread more