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The Twin Imperatives for Improving Your Credit Score

If you want to be able to buy a house, a car or get approved for a department store credit card, you need to have a decent credit score. Knowing what your credit score is can help you know what to expect when it comes to interest rates for those kinds of transactions. And, ifread more

42 Personal Stories of Credit Card Debt Hell

It may start out as a very small indulgence. The sale is unbeatable and money won’t be a problem at the end of the week because it’s payday. But the credit card bill doesn’t get paid off.  Or, perhaps it’s a true necessity. A medical emergency, car repair or house problem that needs to beread more

The Foreboding Financial Future After Foreclosure

I think we can all agree… economically speaking, this is a tough time. Unemployment soars across the country and many are beyond tightening our belts, financially speaking. Many people find themselves facing foreclosure, about to lose their homes. Whether it’s from the horrible economy, job loss or even divorce, foreclosure is a hard truth forread more

51 Blogs About the Future of Credit and How it May Affect You

Credit is a necessary part of our daily lives.  We need it to buy homes, cars and sometimes necessities of life.  The current credit crisis is making it more difficult for the average person with a good credit score to obtain a loan. No one knows exactly where the future of credit is going.  Hereread more

How to Snowflake your Debt and Improve Your Credit Score

When it comes to paying off debt, there are a number of different approaches and theories. One method of paying off debt and improving your credit score, for example, is known as the “snowball” method. In this method, you pay a little bit extra each month to your credit card with the lowest balance. Onceread more