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20 Blog Posts About Saving For Retirement

No one wants to work forever, and most people plan on retiring in their sixties, but many people are stuck working until way past the age of retirement because they don’t have enough savings that they can survive comfortably. They are entitled to a social security check when they reach that age, but nowadays that is hard to live off.  Inflation keeps rising but peoples social security benefits do not, so saving over the years that you work is extremely important, and it is becomingly even more urgent now that at any time in the past. Here are 20 blogs that have excellent advice on saving for retirement so you can relax and enjoy life after years of hard work.

  • Retirement Savings Tips – Here is a great list of tips all about saving for retirement, this gives a list of reasons you should save as well as great ways to achieve the savings you need.
  • Retirement Savings Tips For 25- To 34-Year-Olds – It is never too soon to start planning and saving for retirement, now it is especially important for people to start saving at younger ages since we are unsure what will be there for social security benefits in 20-30 years.
  • Retirement Saving Tips – Personal Finance Basics – This post has some of the basic tips you need to consider when it comes to saving for retirement. Understanding and practicing the basics is the best way to start saving early.
  • 5 Retirement Saving Tips For Late Starters – There are millions of people who don’t start saving for retirement until later in life, some are evn mid-30’s to early 40’s. This may be that they haven’t given any thought to it or else they think they will be fine waiting and still having enough next to their SSI to make it. Unfortunately it is not a great idea to start that late, here are sme tips for the late starters.
  • More Retirement Savings Tips – Here is another nice article on ways to save extra money for your retirement, the more you save now the better the future will be when you decide to retire.
  • Even More Tips on Retirement Savings – There are so many different ideas and tips that can help you find new ways to save money, here are some more tips that can help you save.
  • Guidelines and Tax Saving Tips Pertaining to Retirement Savings – There are many different guidelines to follow when it comes to different types of retirement saving accounts, here are some great tips to assist you.
  • 5 Tips to Increase Your Retirement Savings – According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s 2010 Retirement Confidence Survey, about 70 percent of current workers plan to work for pay during retirement. So chances are, you’re looking to increase your retirement savings as much as you can now, so you don’t have to work more later.
  •  Savings Tips for Emergency or Retirement – This post has some good tips on retirement savings and also covers emergency savings.
  • Retirement Savings: Money tips for the cash-strapped retirees – With the present financial condition in the US, an increasingly large number of retirees are struggling to make ends meet and in large parts of the nation, they’re gradually being walloped by the ill-effects of the inflation.
  • 10 Retirement Saving Tips – 10 more tid-bits of advice for retirement savings from a site that deals with finance and savings.
  • Diversify Your Retirement Savings Now! – Retirement is a huge deal, and it is something that most people plan for their entire working life.  Given the importance of being able to afford to retire, why do people pay so little attention to their retirement investments?  Maybe it is because retirement seems so far off, or perhaps people just avoid financial decisions because they feel they are not knowledgeable enough.
  • Pay Taxes Later and other Retirement Savings Tips – Here are a couple of great videos regarding saving for retirement and some tax advice as well.
  • A Simple Approcah to retiement Savings – People aren’t saving nearly enough for retirement. With more and more companies eliminating their pension plans, self invested retirement plans (like 401k’s, 457′s and 403b’s) and Individual Retirement Accounts (like traditional and Roth IRA’s) are becoming the only viable choices for investing for retirement.
  • Year End Tips for Retirement Saving – There are some little extra things you can do at the end of each year that can help you save more money to ut towards your retirement savings, and here are some excellent ones.
  •  Savings Tips and Tricks – These are some great general savings tips, and any savings you accumulate can stay in your account so when you retire you have extra money to get by on.
  • Behind on Saving for Retirement? Tips for Catching Up – if you are behind on what you had planned on having saved at this point in your life don’t fear just yet, you can catch up and here are some great tips to help you get back on track.
  • Eight tips for using your retirement savings wisely – Once you have saved up and are at retirement age you need to budget accordingly and spend your money wisely, here is some advice to help you get and stay on the right track for a good retirement.
  • 8 Retirement Tips for 20-Somethings – Young people are in the best position to start saving for retirement, but many of them do not even think about it until much later. Here are some tips to help young people understand the importance of saving early for retirement.
  • Get Credit for Your Retirement Savings Contributions – You may be eligible for a tax credit if you make eligible contributions to an employer-sponsored retirement plan or to an individual retirement arrangement. Here are six things the IRS wants you to know about the Savers Credit.

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