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20 best blogs for frugal tips to keep spending under control

With the economy in its current state, more and more people are looking for ways to save money.  For some, this means cutting back on going out to dinner or going away on vacations.  But for many, it means finding every way possible to save money on expenses.  So for those of us in the latter category, we put together our list of favorite blogs to help you find tips and advice for doing just that:

1. – A wonderful personal finance blog written by and for regular people. Trent himself says it best: “I’m not interested in theories about personal finance. I want to know what actually works in my own life or in the lives of my readers.” [emphasis his] and that’s exactly what this blog is about. From cooking recipes to PF book reviews, this blog can help you save money and get your finances back in line all in a very easy to read format.

2. – This is one of our favorite blogs on the subject for one simple reason: Every article is pure gold full of wonderful advice. If I could find a fault it’s that the posts aren’t often enough… I think I’m addicted to

3.  GetRichSlowly.orgThis is one of the most popular personal finance blogs on the internet. Awarded one of the best blogs by Time magazine in 2011, this site includes a number of very helpful articles on saving money on spending as well as other advice to help plan for your financial future. Simply one of the best.

4.  NotMadeOfMoney.comI love this blog. Written by a husband and wife team, they give a perspective from both sides of the gender coin. Few frugal blogs are filled with such genuine tips and money saving advice that just about anyone can use.

5. – Frugal dad is a money saving blog for men that puts a heavy focus on spending less on doing the things you enjoy. Not only are the tips perfect for Dads everywhere, but for single men as well. If you’re of the male gender, this blog is an absolute must read.

6.– We couldn’t have Frugal Dad on our list and leave out Money Saving Mom. MSM focuses a bit more on finding specific daily deals rather than general information/tips (which it still has) so it’s not exactly the female equivalent of FD, but with so many “frugal mommy blogs” out there, this one is by far our favorite. And yes, if you’re of the female gender, this blog is a must read.

7. – Super advice organized in a simple minimalistic design. What could be better? We recently started reading Almost Frugal and with every article it climbs up this list in our minds. It could be one of the best frugal living blog out there today.

8. – Using the domestic arts to live a simple frugal life. This blog isn’t for everyone. Much of the advice is for families and some of the tips are for (how do I put this) ‘experienced’ home makers. That said, it’s still one of our favorites!

9. – While the majority of this blog focuses on daily coupons and deals, they occasionally write some fantastic articles with some of the best savings tips you’ve never heard. Geared more towards female shoppers, but not exclusively.

10. – Daily tips for savvy spenders. This blog has a great mix of daily deals and helpful articles to keep money in your pocket. There’s a lot of blog out there like it, but few offer quite as many good tips.

11. – Want to save money and feed your soul at the same time? That’s what this blog does. Great frugal spending tips with a warm fuzzy feeling…Oh yeah, and the food tips are out of this world!

12. – There’s a ton of great frugal blogs out there that do daily posts and have for years. The problem with most of them is that they seem to rehash the same information over and over. Frugal Underground, isn’t the most up-to-date money savings blogs out there, but it still has some of the best tips. Peak around and you’ll see what I mean. I only wish they’d post MORE!

13. – Dough roller is another very popular personal finance sites that focuses on making the most of your hard earned money. Their tagline says it all Make more, Spend less, Invest the rest. We love the articles about spending less the best…

14. – Some of the best coupon and deal alerts I’ve seen on a money saving blog of this type. Heather has put together a very nice frugal living blog for families of all sizes. She writes the occasional tips/advice article which (like most on our list) are more than worth the read.

15. – Personal finance advice from an intellectual’s point of view. Intelligently written but luckily you don’t need to be an intellectual to read and/or take the advice of this blog. One thing’s for sure when you read it though: they sure sound like they know what their talking about.

16. – Suddenly frugal is a super friendly reminder that being frugal doesn’t have to be a shock to your lifestyle. Great tips on saving money mixed in with regular deals and coupons.

17. – This blog is sort of a list of lists for frugal living seekers. Weekly round-ups of the best money saving articles online as well as their own occasional advice column. Can’t get enough tips? Subscribe to this blog and you won’t be sorry.

18. – Frugal Section – is a great personal finance site dedicated to helping people make the most of their money. Their frugal tips section is our favorite part, however (we linked directly to it for you). Definitely don’t miss this one…

19. –  This is another of our favorite personal finance blogs. In fact, if this were a list of PF sites, it might be #1. Still, their occasional articles on saving money are more than worth listing the site here, even if it’s not the focus of the blog.

20.  FreeMoneyFinance.comAnother great personal finance blog with the occasional focus on money saving tips. This site tends to focus on other areas of personal finance, but when they do the money saving articles, pay attention, there’s a lot of good extreme couponing.