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15 of the Best General Financial Information Blogs

There are many great websites and blogs on the web with financial information, but some of the information that some of these sites post may not be totally correct. We spent some time going through and finding some of the best and most reliable general financial information blogs and sites and listed 15 of them here for you. These sites are full of great and reliable information and can help you better understand finances, budgeting, and much more.  Things could go really wrong if you follow bad advice so a nice list of reliable sites is needed and is a perfect fit and a great resource for this site. Hopefully you will find some reliable answers to questions you may have in regard to finance.

  • CashMoneyLife – This site covers all kinds of things relating to personal finance, careers, and much more. The financial info on the site is current and reliable, so check the site out and find some great content and information.
  • Steadfast Finances – Here is another blog that covers all types of things relating to finance and is one that also has a lot of great financial info and advice.
  • The Finance Journey – The goal of this blog is to discuss all things finance, you will find posts on savings, deals, stocks and much more while browsing the archives.
  • The Daily Finance – Yet another blog loaded with all kinds of great blog posts and resources all relating to finance. If you have financial questions you can find some answers here.
  • Planet Money – This blog also has a lot of good and up to date information on money and other financial issues, definitely a must read if you are into finance or learning more about it.
  • WiseBread – Certain posts from this top notch financial blog have been shared on our site before, but the whole site is worth following and checking on daily since it is full of great financial information.
  • Moolanamy – This is another reliable and current financial blog that can benefit many people, don’t forget to subscribe to the feeds of the sites that you like so you don’t miss an important post that can help you.
  • Checkbook News – This blog covers all areas of personal finance, from getting out of debt to saving money and even investing, there are strategies and stories regarding all areas of finance.
  • SmarterSpend – A blog with a lot of general financial info, but also many ways you can spend your money in a smarter way so you have extra money to invest and save.
  • CalculatedRisk – A finance and economics blog written by knowledgeable people regarding different types of financial situations.
  • Budgets Are Sexy – A very informative but also fun and relaxed blog relating to personal finance and savings.
  • Consumerism Commentary – As the name of the site suggests, this blog is geared towards the consumer and has great posts on all kinds of financial information that consumers need to know, especially in the current economy.
  • 20 Something Finance – this blog is geared towards the younger crowd and helps them get a good grasp of personal finance and money issues to help them stay out of financial trouble as they get older.
  • FiveCentNickel – Finance and money will always be important, so you can never read about it too much and following many blogs that discuss these issues will keep you in the loop. This is yet another informative site with lots of nuggets of wisdom.
  • SavingTools – Finding ways to save money and live within a reasonable budget are great ways to build a strong financial foundation, this blog has a lot of great info on saving money.