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15 Informative Blog Posts About Credit and Credit Cards

credit cardsMillions of people are struggling with bad or no credit, and many do not know how to get their credit back on track. There is a lot of great information that can be found to help you repair your credit yourself and there are also many companies that can assist you in getting your credit back on track. With the current economy more and more people are developing bad habits with credit cards and loans to help them get through tough times. With so many people going that route just to get by a large percentage of them are eventually going to find themselves deep in debt with no way out in sight. Here is a collection of 15 blogs that offer great information that can help you through the tough times. We have many great resources on our site to help you out, and within these 15 blogs you can find more excellent information. Some of these will offer some of the same info but they all have different tips and advice as well.

What is Credit? Understanding How Credit Works – This is a nice simple breakdown all about credit and how it works, from this article there are some other links that are also informative and helpful to the everyday person who wants to understand the ins and outs of the credit industry.
Understanding Credit-Card Fees, Part 1: The Basics – Millions of people have credit cards but many of them do not have a clue about how credit card fees work. This post discusses how fees work in layman’s terms, so if you want to know more about credit card fees this is a great post to read.
How to repair your credit report yourself – This post has some good info on repairing your credit on your own rather than hiring a company to do it for you. It is much easier than you think; it just takes some patience and discipline with your finances.
Rebuilding Credit Rating: DIY vs. Credit Repair programs – If you have a credit card, you should know how important it is to maintain a good credit standing. If you have an exceptional or at least good credit history, it will affect your financial status and how credit companies or other financial institutions regard you.
5 Common Credit Score Myths – This is a nice post discussing common credit score misconceptions and myths. What you thought was true may not be, so do your research and find out all about how credit works and it will help you get your credit back on track.
6 Steps to an Improved Credit History and Score – Here are 6 steps that can help you get your credit back on track and after going through all of this just to improve your credit you will most likely learn your lesson and be more careful in the future.
Ways to Rapidly Thoroughly clean Your Credit Track Record – Here is another post that discusses ways to thoroughly clean your credit score and get yourself financially stable once again, this is something you have to do if you have poor credit and want to buy a car, house, or any other expensive items you need a loan for.
How Credit Works – Here is a nice and simple breakdown of how credit works, this is excellent because they lay it all out in easy to understand terms.
Americans Earn a `D’ on Understanding How Credit Scores Work – A survey that was done goes to show that most Americans do not understand how credit scores work, hopefully this list of blog posts will help some people get a better understanding of the process.
Understanding How Credit Card Travel Rewards Work – There are many people that take advantage of credit card travel points as well as other types of cards where you get something in return for using the card. This post explains how travel points earned through certain cards work. This site is loaded with all kinds of other good info on credit as well.
Understanding How Credit Reporting Works – Credit is much more complicated than keeping a tally at the local grocery. As a credit-active consumer, you need to know how credit reporting works and what your credit report contains.
Money Management & Credit Cards Explained – Another post discussing money management and credit cards and how they work. Thus is another site with a lot of good information on money management and savings.
Basic Money & Credit Management Concepts Simply Explained – Here are a whole bunch of excellent tips regarding credit and money management. These are some great tips to follow and they will definitely keep your credit in good standing as well as keep you on track with money management.
What is APR? – This is a term you see all the time when it comes to credit cards and loans of all types, but there are many people that have no clue what APR even stands for. Here is an explanation of what it is for anyone who may not know.
How Credit Scores Are Calculated – Credit scores are based on the information in your credit report, and each bureau has its own formula for calculating your score. In addition, each lender may have its own proprietary formula for calculating a score.

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