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15 Blog Posts with Tips to Avoid Wasting Money

Money is tough to hold on to for many people, especially when you have extra cash and see something that you want but really do not need. Money tends to burn a hole in your pocket if you keep cash on you all of the time. One of the best ways to cut down on unnecessary spending is to put your extra money away in a savings account so you don’t spend it. This will leave you with less money in your pocket on a daily basis and can help a bit to end splurge spending. It is easier said than done, especially with so many cool gadgets and toys available all over the place. These 15 blog posts offer some great advice on saving your money rather than wasting it.

20 tips to keep from spending money – It’s hard to say no to yourself when the urge to spend strikes, especially when you have money in your pocket. Here are 20 tips to help stop spending.
Stop Spending Tips & tools to help you fight yourself – here are more great tips from different people including some money saving experts, there is a lot on this page to read and following through with the advice can make a huge difference in your spending habits.
Top Ten Money Saving Tips From Stop Wasting Money – Here are some more excellent tips to help you stop wasting money, these are all great ways to achieve the goal you are working towards and can help you also get some extra money put away towards savings.
Money tips and financial advice to help you stop wasting money – Money is tight for many people these days due to the struggling economy, here are tips to help you save and recession proof your money.
9 Big Time Money Wasters and How to Avoid Them – This post discusses 9 things that can waste a lot of money and gives advice on how to avoid these things so you can save more money.
Stop Wasting Your Money on These 25 Things – There are many ways that people overspend on a regular basis. They include costs that could easily be avoided, or reduced, by customers willing to do some market research, shop around, or plan ahead.
Ten Ways To Avoid Financially Irresponsible Buying – In this modern era, we are surrounded by almost infinite opportunities to spend money – and an almost infinite number of enticements to take up those opportunities. Advertisements trick us into thinking our lives will be better if we just buy this one item.
The Upside of Being Cheap – Some great ways to save money while also helping out with other things such as energy consumption and more.
Stop Wasting Money: Seven Ways to Cut the Fat from Your Budget – Even more wonderful tips that can help you cut back on spending money on things you do not need.
Time is Money – So Stop Wasting It with These Helpful Tips! – Do you sometimes wonder where all the time went? Or wonder where the money in your bank account went at the end of the month? It may not seem obvious, but time and money go hand in hand, and not just for fancy jobs that make a lot of money. Time is money for all of us.
Find Out Where Your Money Goes to Avoid Wasting More Of It – Most of us are not aware that the little amounts of cash we spend each day are actually huge when we total it each week or month. This makes us wonder where all our money goes, once we find that we’ve run out of cash even before the next payday arrives.
Stop Wasting Money Today – “Most people aren’t aware when they’re wasting money,” says Jeanna Bridges, Market President with BMO Harris Bank. “So the first step is becoming conscious of how much you’re spending and what you’re spending it on.”
25 Ways You Are Wasting Your Money – Getting out of debt is NOT hard. True, it does take time, patience, and discipline, but it’s not really that hard. Usually, all that is required is just changing your spending habits.
Stop Wasting Money – Another post with tips and tricks to help you stop wasting your hard earned money.
Stop Wasting Money Page on FB – This is a great Facebook page that is always updated with advice and tips on saving your money instead of wasting it, well worth a like if you are on FB.