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15 Blog Posts with Tips for Building Credit

Credit ratings can be a difficult thing to understand and many people don’t bother taking the time to learn about how it works. Everyone knows that having bad credit can cause many problems if you want to buy a home, or a new car, or just to get a credit card in case it is needed for emergencies.  Having no credit can be just as bad, but it is also much easier to fix. There are many people that never had a credit card, never bought a home, and never bought a new car or anything that involved their credit rating. In this situation the individual probably has no credit rating, which will also cause problems when trying to make a big purchase. There are many simple ways to build your credit up if this is the case, and usually just doing something small will get your credit score up. Here are 15 blog posts that discuss ways you can boost your credit score from nothing into the 500-600 range fairly quickly.

How To Build Good Credit and Clean Up Bad Credit – Here is a post with some nice tips to help you build credit if you have none and also tips on cleaning up bad credit.
How to Build Credit or Repair Credit – This is another post with even more tips to help you get that credit score up, it is much easier to build it from having no credit than it is to repair bad credit, but these tips can help out a lot.
How to Raise Your Credit Score Fast – This post offers some tips that are sure to help you raise your credit score very quickly, sometimes quicker is better, especially in cases such as trying to get a new car or buy a house.
List of Prepaid Credit Cards That Build Credit – This is a very handy post, a nice list of pre paid cards that can help you build your credit. This can make building your credit so much easier, definitely a must read blog post!
Building Your FICO Score – Even more tips to build your credit score, you may see some of the same tips on some of these posts but you will also find some new ones in the process since there are many things you can do to get that score up.
Ways To Increase and Improve Your Credit Score Without a Credit Card – If you need to build your credit score but do not want to deal with credit cards there are ways to do it, this post can give you some ideas on how to go about this.
Bad Credit Loans, Debt Help, and Advice to Improve Credit – Yet another great post that can help you deal with your bad credit and ways you can improve it, this post goes into detail about credit scores and much more.
How to Build Your Credit History with Tradelines – The key to building your credit history and getting it as high as possible is very simple: act responsibly with credit.
The Truth About Your Credit Score – The dreaded FICO score. It’s that number that’s associated with every credit report. We all know about it—most people have one—but what does the credit score really mean?
15 Ways to Establish and Improve Your Credit History and FICO Score – Do you need to improve your credit history? If you’re like the majority of Americans, the answer is yes. According to FICO, 60% of all people have a credit score less than 750. This means there is plenty of room for improvement for many people.
How to Season Your Credit – Opening and maintaining new accounts that report to the credit bureaus is key to building a solid credit rating. There are many different types of accounts that you can be approved for even if you have a poor credit rating.
How College Students Can Build Credit History – This is a good article for college students to read as it discusses ways they can build credit during their college years.
Personal Finance 101: Building Good Credit History – You should know the importance of having a good credit history by now, if not here is another post that discusses it’s important and a couple more tips to help out and will help ensure you know what to do and you do not forget! The site also has a lot of other great financial information for you to browse.
Building a Strong Credit Report Record After High School – Another nice little guide for students graduating high school and entering college or the work force.
Tips on Building Credit for a New Corporate Business With No Credit – This is a great post for new small business owners that has tips for building credit as a business.

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